DesignSeries00078.pngCreating Wall Projections

To create wall projections:

1. Create the closed 2D or 3D solid object with which to modify the wall. The geometry of the object must define an area or volume that has no self-contacts, no self-intersections, and no edges that fold back on themselves.

2. For a 2D object, simply make sure that the object overlaps the wall, and that the view is Top/Plan. For a 3D object, first create the object at the appropriate height in relation to the bottom of the wall (Z axis); then set the appropriate X and Y axis location so that the object overlaps the wall.

3. With both the wall and the modifier object selected, choose the Create Wall Projection command from the appropriate menu:

     Architect workspace: AEC > Create Wall Projection 

     Landmark workspace: Landmark > Architectural > Create Wall Projection 

     Spotlight workspace: Spotlight > Architectural > Create Wall Projection 

Alternatively, for 2D objects only, select Modify > Add Surface.

The Create Wall Feature Projection dialog box opens; different fields display depending on whether a 2D or 3D modifier object was selected.

4. Set the parameters and click OK.



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