Creating Subdivision Models

Subdivision modeling allows for the easy, intuitive creation of free-form shapes, whether to design an object or explore a concept. A subdivision primitive object is created using the Create Subdivision Primitive command. The object is then sculpted using a combination of the Edit Subdivision tool’s modes.



To create a subdivision primitive object:

  1. Select Model > Create Subdivision Primitive.

  2. The Create Subdivision Primitive dialog box opens.

    Alternatively, double-click the Edit Subdivision tool to open the Create Subdivision Primitive dialog box.

  3. Set the parameters and click OK. If Center at Next Click is selected, click in the drawing to place the object.

The subdivision primitive object is ready to be edited, using the Edit Subdivision tool.

Most tools and commands that can be used to edit solid objects can be used to modify subdivision objects. However, the following tools do not edit subdivision objects:

    Chamfer Edge tool

    Push/Pull tool

    Deform tool

    Shell Solid tool

    Extract tool

    Taper Face tool

    Fillet Edge tool



Modeling Subdivision Objects