DesignSeries00020.pngManaging BCF Information

BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) allows collaborators to exchange comments between software applications without exchanging the entire BIM model. Issues, proposals, and change requests about a project are “topics” in the BCF file, linked to specific objects in the BIM model. The BCF file only contains comments; it does not modify the model. It can be used to navigate to issues in the model, respond to comments, assign, and resolve issues.

The Vectorworks program allows BCF files to be created, opened, modified, and saved.

There are two typical workflows that take advantage of BCF functionality.

    If exchanging information from a colleague through IFC, import the IFC file into the Vectorworks program, and open the associated .bcfzip file. Navigate to the issues, add or change topics and comments, and save the .bcfzip file to return to your colleague.

    In the Vectorworks program, create or open a model, and export it as an IFC project. Open it in Solibri Model Checker for evaluation and presentation, and save comments, issues, and requests as a .bcfzip file. You or your colleague can then open the model and the .bcfzip file in the Vectorworks program; navigate to the issues, add or change topics and comments, and save the .bcfzip and any changes to the model.

To open or view, edit, and save a BCF file:

  1. Open the Vectorworks file that is associated or will become associated with the BCF file.

  2. For best results, the BIM model in the Vectorworks file should exactly match the version of the model that was used when the BCF file was created. An alert displays if this is not the case.

  3. If you are creating a new BCF file associated with the Vectorworks file, and there is an issue, comment, or change request that becomes apparent while reviewing the Vectorworks file, select the related object.

  4. Select AEC > Open BCF Manager.

  5. The Open BCF Manager command is available for Vectorworks Landmark and Spotlight software but is not present in the those workspaces. It can be added to the Landmark and Spotlight workspaces (see Customizing Workspaces).

    The BCF Manager dialog box opens.

  6. After editing or creating BCF topics and comments, save the information by clicking Save and specifying a file name and location for the .bcfzip file.

  7. Click OK.

Creating and Editing BCF Topics

New topics can be created for the Vectorworks model, and current topics can be edited.

To create or edit BCF topics:

  1. From the BCF manager, click New Topic, or select a topic and click Edit Topic.

  2. The New Topic or Edit Topic dialog box opens.

  3. Click OK to add or edit the topic.

Creating, Editing, and Deleting BCF Comments

A selected topic can include comments, and a snapshot associated with the comment can be saved and then displayed in the snapshot area.

Comments can only be edited or deleted by the author of the comment.

To add or edit a BCF comment:

  1. From the BCF Manager, select a topic from the list of topics.

  2. Comments that are already associated with the selected topic display in the Comments on Selected Topic area. Select one for editing and click Edit Comment. Create a new comment associated with the topic by clicking New Comment.

  3. The New Comment or Edit Comment dialog box opens.

  4. Click OK to edit the comment or to add the comment to the topic.

To delete a comment, select it and click Delete Comment.



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