Visual Scripting with Marionette

For Design Series products, the Marionette tool provides a visual scripting interface, allowing inexperienced users to quickly understand and create complex scripts in the Vectorworks program without needing to understand the underlying programming language, Python. This is achieved by the placement of nodes, which represent various actions that take place in the Vectorworks program. Nodes are arranged into networks of actions that are performed sequentially. More advanced types of nodes allow for the reuse, consolidation, and sharing of Marionette networks; experienced users can edit the underlying script if needed. While it is beneficial for users to understand scripting prior to using the Marionette tool, it is not necessary.

Portions of Marionette remain in English for the purpose of globally sharing scripts.

For more information on scripting, the following resources are available:

    Marionette on the Vectorworks web site: 

    Marionette Tutorials on YouTube: 

    Developer wiki for Marionette: 

    Developer wiki main page: 


Marionette Node Types

Inserting a Node with the Marionette Tool

Marionette Networks

Marionette Wrapper Nodes

Saving and Exporting Marionette Networks

Marionette Tutorial: Creating a Simple Extrude

Marionette Tutorial: Creating a Simple Cabinet

Using Scripts

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