Creating Custom Tool/Attribute Scripts

Custom tool/attribute scripts record the current attribute and file settings in a script format for later use. These custom settings can be combined with the active tool to allow a specific set of attributes, such as fill style or pen color, to be reactivated for use with the tool. For example, a dashed line type and red pen foreground color can be saved with the line tool in a script for drawing red dashed lines. No scripting knowledge is necessary.

To create a custom tool/attribute script:

  1. Select Tools > Custom Tool/Attribute.

  2. The Custom Tools dialog box opens.

  3. Select which attributes should be saved in the script.

  4. The saved attributes are used when the script is executed and can be modified or reset.

  5. Click OK.

  6. When prompted, name the script palette (if none exists) or select an existing script palette, and name the attribute settings script.

The script displays in a script palette, and can be run as described in Running Scripts.


Using Scripts

Running Scripts

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