Spot00050.pngInserting Soft Goods 


The Soft Goods tool is in the Spotlight tool set (Spotlight workspace) and the Detailing tool set (Designer workspace).

The Soft Goods tool inserts theater and event planning draperies such as curtains, borders, scrims, and pipe-and-drape assemblies. Soft goods objects are drawn along a path, so they can be straight, curved, or in any configuration for total flexibility; the path can be edited after placement. The 3D appearance of soft goods objects can be set for a realistic appearance, or display more schematically. The materials used to create the soft goods configuration can be included in a report for cost estimation (see Creating Reports). Text labels identify the components of the soft goods object.

There is an alternate way to create soft goods effects without the Soft Goods tool, which may be useful for users not using the Spotlight product.


Inserting Curtains and Borders

Inserting Pipe-and-Drape Assemblies

Setting Soft Goods 3D Display Options

Formatting Soft Goods Object Labels


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