DesignSeries00009.pngCropping Imported PDF Files

Imported and referenced PDF pages can be cropped so only part of the PDF page is visible.

To crop an imported of referenced PDF:

  1. Import the PDF as described in Importing PDF Files.

  2. Select the PDF page object.

  3. Select Modify > Edit Crop.

  4. Alternatively, right-click on a PDF and select Edit Crop from the context menu, or simply double-click the PDF page object.

  5. A colored border around the PDF indicates you are in an editing mode. The Exit PDF Crop command becomes available from the Modify menu, and the Exit PDF Page Crop button is visible in the top right corner of the drawing window. If the PDF object is on a 3D plane, the view will rotate so that the view is parallel to the screen plane.

  6. Create a 2D object such as a rectangle, circle, or polyline. The 2D object must define an area; for example, a 2D line cannot be used. Position the 2D object to delimit the new PDF display area. The fill of a PDF cropping object is always None; however, the pen style can be set from the Attributes palette while in Edit Crop mode.

  7. Click Exit PDF Page Crop to return to the drawing.

  8. The cropped PDF displays; in the Object Info Palette, the Crop status changes to Yes.

  9. To change, replace, or delete the crop object, select the PDF page object and then select Modify > Edit Crop to re-enter Edit Crop mode.

To change the visibility of the crop object, change the Crop Visible setting in the Object Info palette.



Importing PDF Files


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