DesignSeries00006.pngSnapping to and Scaling Imported PDF Files

Content files from a variety of manufacturers can be imported into a Vectorworks file in PDF format and then, because the Vectorworks program can snap to the vector graphics within the PDF Page object, the PDF object can be moved and snapped into a desired position. Lines drawn in the Vectorworks file snap to the 2D items in the PDF object, so the PDF can be incorporated into your own designs.

The Scale Objects command scales an imported PDF object so it matches the current drawing scale. Cropped PDF objects can also be scaled.

Snapping to a PDF file is only possible when the PDF originated from an application that creates vector graphics. Snapping cannot occur if the PDF file is encrypted. To enable snapping, select Snap to Geometry from the Object Info palette after importing.

To use an imported PDF file effectively:

  1. Import the PDF file as described in Importing PDF Files.

  2. A PDF Page object is created. In this example, the PDF object imported at an incorrect scale for the current drawing.


  3. To change the scale of the imported PDF, select Modify > Scale Objects.

  4. The Scale Objects dialog box opens. The Scale Objects command is described in Scaling Objects. Select Symmetric by Distance, and click the button to specify the current distance on the drawing. Click to indicate a segment of known distance in the PDF, and click again to finish the segment (note that snapping is possible within the PDF).


  5. In the Scale Objects dialog box, enter the New Distance for the segment.

  6. PDF_snap3.png 

  7. Click OK.

The PDF object scale matches the drawing.


The imported PDF could be made into a viewport and cropped for use in the drawing. In this example, walls could be drawn in the Vectorworks file using the PDF object as a basis for the walls.

Alternatively, you can ungroup the PDF to create Vectorworks objects from the snapping objects, giving you a close approximation of the original PDF that can be manipulated in Vectorworks.


Importing PDF Files


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