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Plants from Laubwerk GmbH are available when you need beautiful 3D plants in your design. These realistic plants have a low polygon count that does not affect the performance of the drawing. Various plants, levels of detail, and seasonal representations can be selected. Vectorworks Landmark includes a variety of plants by default; other Design Suite products have a limited set of free plants to choose from. Additional plants can be purchased from to add to the plant library.

To place a Laubwerk plant:

Click the tool.

Click Laubwerk Plant on the Tool bar to select the plant to insert.

The Laubwerk Plant Catalog dialog box opens, displaying available plants with an image and a mouseover description. A human silhouette displays next to each plant as a scale reference.

In Filter by, filter the displayed plants either by Name or Description. Enter the search text for the filter.

Select a plant to insert; click OK to close the catalog. The currently selected plant displays in Laubwerk Plant on the Tool bar.

For quick placement, select the Variant and Season from the Tool bar. The global season is specified in the preferences, but can be overridden by selecting a different season.

Click Preferences to open the Laubwerk Plant Preferences dialog box and specify the default values. The parameters can be edited later from the Object Info palette.

Global parameters can be specified in the preferences or from the Object Info palette.

Click to insert the selected plant into the drawing.

The plant can be sent to the surface of a site model (see Sending objects to the surface). 

The parameters can be edited later from the Object Info palette.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Laubwerk Plant


Select Laubwerk Plant

Opens the Laubwerk Plant Catalog, to select a different plant

Botanical Name/Common Name

Displays the botanical and common names of the selected plant


Select a variation and age combination to adjust the look of the selected plant

Use global season setting

Uses the season specified in the global settings; deselect to override the global setting and select a season


If overriding the global setting, select a season



Use global appearance settings

Uses the appearance specified in the global settings; deselect to override the global setting and select the appearance

2D Representation

Select the 2D appearance of the plant.

None: Displays the plant only in 3D, without a Top/Plan view.

Shape: Draws the plant's crown shape in Top/Plan view.

3D Representation

Select the 3D appearance of the plant;higher levels of detail may result in slower performance.

Proxy: Creates a 3D model based on a rough shape of the plant.

Symbol: Creates a shape that always faces the viewer, based on a cross-section of the plant.

Crossed Symbol: Creates the illusion of object fullness by creating two cross-sections of the plant placed at a 90 degree angle to each other.

Detail: Creates a 3D mesh model of the plant, with various levels of detail.

Material Style

Select the color and textured look of the plant for its simplified (non-detailed) representations.

None: Uses a single color for the plant. 

Color: Uses colors that match the selected plant and season.

Texture: Uses textures that match the selected plant and season.

Global Settings


Laubwerk Global Settings

Opens the Laubwerk Global Settings dialog box, for specifying the season and appearance settings for all Laubwerk plants that have the global options selected

Setting global Laubwerk plant parameters

For quick plant placement and adjustment, establish global settings for Laubwerk plants. This allows you to set the initial appearance of all plants as they're created and to easily and instantly change their appearance when needed. For example, change all existing Laubwerk plants to their fall appearance instead of summer.

When you are inserting many Laubwerk plants into the design, set the global 3D Representation to Proxy initially, and then switch to a higher level of detail as the design nears completion.

To specify global Laubwerk plant settings:

Do one of the following:

Click the tool and click Preferences from the Tool bar. In the Laubwerk Preferences dialog box, select the Global Settings tab.

From the Object Info palette of a selected Laubwerk Plant, click Laubwerk Global Settings.

Select the season, 2D/3D representation, and material style for all plants that have a global setting for the season and/or appearance settings.

Select Use global season setting and/or Use global appearance settings for plants that should use the global parameters. When you change the global settings, all plants with the global setting change.

Using Laubwerk plants with the Plant tool

Laubwerk plants can be selected as the 3D graphic representation of plants inserted with the Plant tool (Landmark required).  In the Plant Preferences, Plant Settings, or Edit Plant Style dialog box, click on the Graphics pane and click Laubwerk Geometry for the 3D Graphics parameter.

When the Laubwerk Plant Catalog is opened for use with the Plant tool, Settings parameters at the top of the catalog allow you to specify the plant variation, season, and appearance settings, similarly to inserting a plant with the Laubwerk Plant tool. However, the 2D representation always comes from the Plant tool, and not from the Laubwerk settings.

Click Laubwerk Global Settings to set or change the global parameters, as described in the previous section. The global 2D representation settings cannot be changed in this way.

Creating image prop objects

Plant settings: Graphics pane


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