Renderworks00004.pngHigh Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) Export

When the Renderworks product is installed, the HDRI option is added to the list of export file choices. This command creates an HDR file. This is a good choice for export when touching-up the image in an imaging program; the exported image is “lossless” and will not have quantization artifacts when color or exposure is further adjusted after export.

To export a file in HDR format:

  1. Select the Renderworks rendering mode to use for the export, and render the image.

  2. Select File > Export > Export High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI).

  3. The Export Image File dialog box opens. Specify the dimensions and resolution for the exported image.

  4. Click Save.

  5. The Export OpenHDR File dialog box opens.

  6. Specify the export file name and destination, and then click Save.


Exporting a Rendered Drawing