Smoothing Objects

The smoothing commands smooth all selected polygon and polyline vertices in one step, changing all vertices of the object into the selected vertex type. The commands also work on NURBS curves. The No Smoothing command changes smoothed vertices into cornered vertices.

To smooth an object:

  1. Select the object to smooth.

  2. Select Modify > Poly Smoothing. Select the smoothing method to use.


No Smoothing

Creates straight lines and corner vertices

Bézier Spline Smoothing

Creates curves pulled towards but not touching the vertices

Cubic Spline Smoothing

Creates curves that pass through the control points

Arc Smoothing

Creates fillet-like curves at the control points. The arc radius is based on the current fillet radius of the Fillet tool (see Fillet Tool). If no radius is set, the largest radius that can fit between each vertex is used.

Radius Smoothing

Creates curved radius vertices, which are easier to reshape than arc vertices

The object is smoothed.



Simplifying Polygons and Polylines