Reshaping Objects


The Reshape tool is in the Basic palette.

The Reshape tool reshapes an existing object by moving, removing, changing, or adding to its vertices. Change the length of objects (including dimensions), reshape single objects, or reshape multiple objects at once. Reshape polygons and polylines, including lines drawn with the Freehand tool (which are considered polylines). In addition, specify exact radius measurements for circular arc control points. The Reshape tool can also be used to reshape 3D solids, walls, roofs, NURBS curves and surfaces, and other objects.

The modes and functionality available for the Reshape tool depend on the currently selected object or objects, and the current view.

Functionality Enabled
Selection or View

2D reshape

    2D planar or screen object, in any view

    Multiple objects selected, in any view, or a reshape marquee exists

    Wall, roof object, plug-in object in Top/Plan view

3D reshape

    Single 3D polygon, 3D solid, NURBS curve, NURBS surface, section line (Vectorworks Design Series required), in any view

    Single wall, roof object, plug-in object with custom reshape behavior (such as the retaining wall site modifier, Vectorworks Design Series required), in a 3D view


No selection


2D Reshape Modes

3D Reshape Modes

Marquee Modes

Performing Multiple Reshapes

Converting Polyline Vertices from Arc to Radius