Renderworks00075.pngApplying Object Textures by Class

Object textures, and their associated surface hatches, can be set by class.

To apply a texture by class:

  1. Select Tools > Organization to open the Organization dialog box.

  2. Select the Details view option, and then select the Classes tab.

  3. Select an existing class or create a new class (see Creating Classes).

  4. With the class selected, click Edit to open the Edit Class(es) dialog box.

  5. Select any fill Style other than None (otherwise the texture will not render).

  6. The texture properties of the class are set in the bottom section of the dialog box. Click the Other tab.

  7. Select the desired Texture/Surface Hatch from a library or the current file. Select Use Textures/Surface Hatches At Creation to apply the texture/surface hatch to objects as they are created.

  8. To suppress use of applied textures for the class, deselect Texture/Surface Hatch.

  9. Click OK to exit the Edit Class(es) dialog box.

  10. The class displays on the Classes tab of the Organization dialog box.

  11. If the object has not yet been drawn, click the blank area to the left of the Class Name to make the class active.

  12. If the object already exists, apply the class to it. For some object types, the class name is specified in its settings or in the Object Info palette.

  13. Click OK to exit the Organization dialog box.

  14. Create the desired object(s). Objects are created with the specified texture for that class.


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