Database Row Sort and Summary Functions

The group of sub-rows associated with a header row can be sorted and summarized in different ways. These functions can be set independently for each database header row in a worksheet.

The sort and summary functions cannot be used on a header cell for an image column (Vectorworks Design Series required).

To sort or summarize a group of database sub-rows:

  1. If the database header rows are not displayed, select View > Database Headers from the Worksheet menu.

  2. Select the header row of the group of sub-rows to sort or summarize; the header row has a diamond next to its number.

  3. The three icons above the left end of the column header cells become available.

    Icon Item

    Descending Sort


    Sorts the database sub-rows in descending order, according to the contents of this column

    Ascending Sort


    Sorts the database sub-rows in ascending order, according to the contents of this column



    Summarizes the database sub-rows according to the contents of this column. Sub-rows that have identical items in this column are grouped together in a single row.

    If a column contains data from a numeric field, the summarized column contains a sum of the values for all objects that are grouped on the row. This may be appropriate for some columns, but not others. For example, you might have a window schedule that sorts and summarizes the data by the Window ID column. You would want the Quantity column to show the sum of all windows with a particular ID, but you would want the Window Height column to show the height of a single window with that ID (not the height of all windows combined). Add an additional summary operator to the Window Height column to show the correct numeric data.

  4. Click and drag an icon to the column header cell to be used for the sort or summary. A new icon displays next to the column heading letter. For an ascending or descending sort, a number in the icon indicates the sort precedence for that column.

  5. Apply additional sort or summary icons as needed. In each group of sub-rows, up to 20 columns can have either an Ascending or Descending Sort icon, and any number of columns can have a Summarize icon. The Summarize icon can be used on a column by itself, or in conjunction with one of the sort icons.

  6. To remove a sort or summary, click and drag the icon away from the column header cell.