Automatically Scrolling While Drawing

The Vectorworks program automatically scrolls the drawing area when an object is being drawn.

To use autoscroll:

  1. Select any drawing tool.

  2. Press and hold down the mouse button to begin drawing.

  3. Drag the cursor on top of or past a scroll bar or ruler.

The drawing window scrolls in the direction of the cursor.

In click-click mode, if you do not hold down the mouse button while you draw, the autoscroll is halted if the cursor passes a scroll bar or ruler; this allows interaction with the scroll bars, tool palettes, and tool sets.

Using the Scroll Bars

Use the scroll bars to move the drawing around the screen. However, the scroll bars are best used for small movements, because they require the screen to redraw more frequently. For large movements, the Pan tool is faster. To display or hide the scroll bars, change the scroll bars setting in the Vectorworks Preferences dialog box.

Scrolling with the Mouse Wheel

On a wheel-mouse, press the Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) key while you roll the wheel forward or backward to scroll the window up or down. To scroll the window left or right, press the Shift key while you roll.

The mouse wheel behavior is controlled by the Mouse wheel zooms setting in the Edit tab of the Vectorworks Preferences dialog box. The wheel can be set to scroll by default, so that no additional key must be pressed while you roll in order to scroll. See Vectorworks Preferences: Edit Tab for details.

This feature will not work properly if standard scrolling is disabled in the mouse setup. For example, if the mouse’s scrolling size is set to “none,” mouse scrolling in the Vectorworks program is disabled. (The specific settings required for this feature depend on the type of mouse being used.)

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