Creating Templates

To set up new files easily and quickly, you can create custom templates, or use any of the standard templates provided with the Vectorworks program. Templates can contain layers, classes, title blocks, sheet borders, resources, and the current settings for attributes and units.

When you open a template, the Vectorworks program automatically opens a copy of the file. When the new drawing is saved the first time, the program prompts for a new file name. This makes it impossible to accidentally replace the master template with the new drawing file.

To create a template:

  1. Start with a new, empty file.

  2. Set up the file with all of the desired elements.

  3. Select File > Save As Template.

  4. Enter the name of the template (.sta) file and place it in an appropriate Templates folder. (See Vectorworks Preferences: User Folders Tab for details about how to specify the folder for your user data.)

  5.     To save the template for personal use, place it in the Templates subfolder in your user data folder: [User]\Libraries\Defaults\Templates.

        If Vectorworks Design Series products are installed, you can share the template with other users in a workgroup. To do so, place it in the Templates subfolder of a workgroup folder on a network drive; other users can then specify that workgroup folder in their Vectorworks preferences: [Workgroup]\Libraries\Defaults\Templates.

    The .sta extension is required for Windows. It is recommended for use on the Mac if the file will be shared with Windows users.

  6. Click Save.

  7. To use the template, select File > New to open the Create Document dialog box. Select Use document template, and then select the new template from the list.

Opening a Template Automatically

  1. Set up a template file and name it Default.sta. Place the file in your user or workgroup templates folder, as described in Creating Templates.

  2. In the Vectorworks preferences, click the Session tab, and select Create a new document on startup.

Whenever you launch the Vectorworks program, the Default.sta template opens automatically.


Creating a New File

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