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Export Web View (3D only)

File > Export

Vectorworks Design Series products export web views that allow for an interactive 3D viewing experience on any device that is connected to the internet, including head-mounted displays.

The web view author can control the size and complexity of the web view, so that it can be downloaded easily and navigated smoothly by the viewer. In addition to the 3D model objects, 2D planar graphics such as dimensions, text, and planar graphics with hatches can be exported, as can point clouds, to provide additional context and information for the model.

Point clouds larger than 500,000 points are reduced to 500,000 points during the export, to control file size.


To export a web view:

1.      Prepare the drawing to view:

        If all visible objects are to be exported, set the drawing’s visibilities as desired.

        If only selected objects should be exported, select the objects.

        If a clip cube is used to control what portions of the drawing should export, set the clip cube.

        Set the drawing to a 3D perspective view. The view automatically changes to perspective on export, if a perspective view is not set in advance.

2.      Select the command.

The Export Web View dialog box opens.

3.      Select the export options.

4.      Specify the export file name and destination.


Viewing web views from an internet browser

Viewing a model with the clip cube


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