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Spotlight Numbering


        Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N (Windows)

        Cmd+Shift+Option+N (Mac)

The Spotlight Numbering command provides a method of numbering instruments or other light plot objects such as focus points, hoists, cable runs, or any drawing object with an attached record, by unit number or other parameters that automatically increment. Either specify the numbering parameters and type of object to number, and then number the objects, or select the objects and number them either automatically or manually.

If preselecting a set of objects, use the Find and Modify command to select instruments or rigging objects; use the Select Hoist command to select hoists, or use the Select Cables command to select cables. The Custom Selection command or Select Similar tool also can be used.

You can also choose a different workflow by Numbering instruments by hanging position, or automatically number while you are Inserting instruments.

To number light plot objects:

1.      Do one of the following:

        Select the objects to be numbered. This allows the objects to be either automatically or manually numbered.

        If manually numbering objects, they do not need to be selected first.

2.      Select the command.

The Spotlight Numbering dialog box opens.

3.      Specify the kind of object to be numbered, the record field(s) to be numbered, and the numbering parameters.

The Numbering Direction parameters are only available to preselected objects; manual numbering by clicking is required when the objects have not been preselected.

4.      Click OK.

5.      Do one of the following:

        If numbering objects manually, click on the objects one by one. The data bar displays the information to be assigned to the next clicked object; by Using the Data bar, the information to be next applied displays and can be changed. To stop numbering instruments, click the green check mark in the Tool bar, or double-click in an empty area of the drawing.

Shift-click to number an object without incrementing the value, so the next object can be numbered exactly the same way the previous object.

        If objects were preselected, and a Manual Numbering Direction was not chosen, they are automatically numbered.

Only the specified object type is numbered. If a limit has been set, the Spotlight Numbering dialog box reopens automatically when the limit is reached; modify the needed values and continue numbering.

After the numbering operation, the numbered objects are selected, to help you identify which items have been numbered. The Object Info palette updates to reflect the new numbering of each object.


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