DesignSeries.pngExporting resources

If you create custom resources and reuse them frequently, you may want to organize them into resource libraries. You and other users can add the libraries to your Favorites, User Libraries, or Workgroup Libraries, and then easily use resources from them. See Concept: Resource libraries.

In the Vectorworks Design Series products, use the export function of the Resource Manager to export one or more resources or resource folders from the active file to another file, without opening the target file.

To export resources or resource folders:

1.      From the Resource Manager, select the active file from the Open Files list.

2.      Select one or more resources or resource folders to export.

3.      Right-click on the resource/folder, and select Export from the context menu.

The Export Resource dialog box opens.

4.      If the target file already contains a different resource with the same name, you are prompted to resolve the Resource name conflict.

Drag and drop exporting

A fast way to export is to simply drag and drop one or more resources from any file to any file or folder in your Open Files, Favorites, User Libraries, or Workgroup Libraries. If you drag a resource to one of the Service Select Libraries or Vectorworks Libraries, an alert displays.


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