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Set Sun Position


Sunlight in Vectorworks Fundamentals is created by projecting parallel rays from a directional light.

The Vectorworks Design Suite products have expanded capabilities with the Heliodon tool; see Solar studies.

To set the sun position:

Select the command.

The Set Sun Position dialog box opens. Enter the sun position information.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Specifies the site’s latitude and longitude

Time Zone Meridian

Specifies the site’s time zone; one hour of difference is equal to 15 degrees of longitude

Page North

Normally, the drawing is oriented to page north (true north, not magnetic north), and true north matches the top of the page, with no compensation required for proper sun position. If the drawing was not created with this orientation, specify an angular offset in degrees from page north. The North indicator should match true north in the drawing.


Specifies the time of year


Specifies the time of day

Daylight Savings

Select if daylight saving time is in effect


Based on the settings made, displays the Azimuth (South at 0 degrees, without Page North rotation), Azimuth N. Relative (North at 0 degrees, without Page North rotation), Elevation (degrees above the horizon), and True Solar Time (takes into account daylight saving time, site longitude and time zone, and the earth’s orbit and tilt)

Click OK and verify the results. If a directional light is selected before choosing the Set Sun Position command, the command modifies the angles of light to the new azimuth and elevation. If no light is selected, the tool inserts a new directional light at the specified sun position.

A shadow analysis can be performed for a site by inserting several light sources with identical parameters except for time of day.

Adding light

Shadow analysis

Applying colors


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