Palettes and tool sets

The workspace contains various palettes for creating and editing objects. Depending on the initial settings, some palettes may be hidden when the program is launched. You can customize which palettes display and where they are placed for each workspace (see Palette display options).

For some workflows, such as using the Camera Match feature to set the 3D view of a model to match the perspective view of a photograph, sculpting or editing the contours of a site model, editing the 2D or 3D components of a symbol or plug-in object, and others, an additional palette or tool set displays at the point of use to provide specialized tools and capabilities. These context-specific palettes and tool sets are described in the appropriate sections of the Vectorworks help system.

Palette / Tool set



Contains a selection of colors, fills, pens, and other object attributes; see The Attributes palette

Object Info

Lists context-sensitive object information for viewing and editing; see The Object Info palette

Working Planes

Contains controls for adding and modifying working planes; see The Working Planes palette

Resource Manager

Accesses and manages the resources available for use in drawings, such as hatches, record formats, worksheets, scripts, symbols, textures, and more. See Resource Manager.


(Design Suite required)

Provides access to classes, design layers, sheet layers, viewports, and saved views, while the drawing area remains accessible; see The Navigation palette


Accesses all lights and cameras in the file; see Managing lights and cameras with the Visualization palette

Script Palettes

Contains palettes with script resources; see Creating and editing script palettes and scripts

Tool Palettes

The Basic palette and Tool Sets palette have special functionality, as described in Tool palette features


Contains a single View/Draw tool set of basic object creation and editing tools; the palette can be customized through the Workspace Editor. The Basic palette contains different tools in different workspaces.

Tool Sets

Depending on the workspace, this palette includes the following tool sets, whose tools are grouped by similar functionality; the palette and its tool sets can be customized through the Workspace Editor. Each tool set may contain different tools in different workspaces.

Site Planning

(Architect or Landmark required)

Contains tools for site planning and landscape architecture

Space Planning

(Architect required)

Contains tools for space planning and programming buildings


(Landmark required)

Contains tools for irrigation system design


(Architect or Landmark required)

Contains tools for georeferencing, geolocating, and adding geographic imagery


(Spotlight required)

Contains tools for lighting design


(Spotlight required)

Contains tools for rigging

Event Design

(Spotlight required)

Contains tools for event design


(ConnectCAD required)

Contains tools for creating schematic network diagrams


(ConnectCAD required)

Contains tools for creating equipment layouts

Building Shell

(Design Suite required)

Contains tools for creating building shell elements

3D Modeling

Contains tools for creating and editing 3D objects, including solids and NURBS


Contains tools for changing the drawing view in different ways


(Design Suite required)

Contains tools for creating common furniture and fixtures


Contains tools for adding dimension and label objects


(Design Suite required)

Contains tools for adding architectural detail objects, such as tubing


(Architect required)

Contains tools for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design


(Design Suite required)

Contains tools for inserting a variety of fasteners such as nuts, bolts, pins, and screws

Machine Components

(Design Suite required)

Contains tools for inserting machine components such as gears, bearings, and springs

Palette display options

Saving palette positions and settings

Application window

Modifying menus and commands


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