Concept: Product workspaces

Each Vectorworks product has a unique workspace, with a set of tools and commands that are tailored to the industry. The Fundamentals workspace tools and commands contain the basic functionality needed for general 2D drawing and 3D modeling and also appear in all Design Suite workspaces. Each Design Suite product is installed with an additional set of industry-specific tools and commands that, along with the Fundamentals tools and commands, comprise the workspace for that product. To switch between workspaces, select Tools > Workspaces, and then select the workspace from the list of those available.

The Architect product has two workspaces: the Architect workspace familiar to users of Vectorworks 2018 and earlier, and the Architect-BIM workspace, where many of the tools needed for the most common building information modeling operations are collected in a BIM tool set.

In some cases, a command or tool available with the Fundamentals product has extended functionality in the Vectorworks Design Suite products, and the location in the workspace may be different. Examples of commands and tools with extended functionality in Design Suite products include title block borders and callouts.

If a command, tool, or parameter described in the documentation requires Design Suite, an icon or text indicates that requirement.

See the Commands and tools PDF, available from the Help system Table of Contents, for a detailed list of the products where each tool and command is available.

Workspaces are installed in the application folder [Vectorworks]\Workspaces. Any changes you make to the default workspaces are saved in the User Data and Preferences folder, to maintain the integrity of both the default and custom workspaces.

Custom workspaces can be created, as described in Customizing workspaces. Custom workspaces can also be saved to a workgroup folder (see Vectorworks preferences: User Folders pane).

Updating custom workspaces and plug-in objects

Vectorworks Migration Manager


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