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Batch Rename


Industry naming standards, or the need to better organize a drawing structure, can require you to rename classes, layers, viewports, saved views, and resources in a file. The Batch Rename command allows you to make certain changes to the names of multiple drawing elements in the file at once, such as adding a prefix to a list of class names.

Only items in the current file can be renamed; referenced items are not eligible for this operation.

To batch rename drawing elements:

Select the command.

The Batch Rename dialog box opens.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Select the type of object to rename


Select the kind of operation to complete:

Add Prefix

Add Suffix

Find and Replace

Find and Delete

To Uppercase

To Lowercase

Title Caps

Find and Replace and Find and Delete operations locate the character combination in the Find field anywhere in the Existing Name. Select Match case if needed to make the operation case-sensitive. Wildcards and regular expressions are not supported in these operations.

To Uppercase and To Lowercase operations convert all letters in the name to that case. Title Caps capitalizes the first letter of every word in the name.

(Various controls)

Different fields display as required to complete the selected Operation


Lists all items in the category by Existing Name, with a dynamic preview of the proposed New Name.

Search box

Enter text to filter the list by name.

Items that have been selected with a check mark in the first column but then filtered out by the search are still selected even though they are not visible. Operations are applied to all selected items.

Apply Changes

Click to apply the current changes; the Existing Name updates to confirm that changes are applied.

Select the Category of items to be renamed and the Operation, and enter the changes into the operational controls.

The dynamic Preview displays the New Name in green if there is no conflict with completing the operation, or in red if there is a naming conflict.

In Preview, all listed items are selected for the operation by default. Click in the first column to remove the check mark and deselect any items that should not be renamed.

Click Apply Changes. You can then complete additional operations without exiting the dialog box.

Clicking Cancel to exit the dialog box undoes all operations that have been applied in that session.

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