Importing a single DXF/DWG or DWF file



Import Single DXF/DWG

Import Single DWF

File > Import

To import a single DXF, DWG, or DWF file:

Create a blank file and set the drawing size, or open an empty template that already has the correct drawing size.

Import into an existing Vectorworks drawing is not recommended, because it can produce unexpected results. For example, the class attributes for existing objects in the drawing may be overwritten. Workgroup referencing may give better results in these cases.

Select the appropriate command.

The Import DXF/DWG Files (or Import DWF Files) dialog box opens. Select the file to import; the progress of the initial import is displayed.

Alternatively, click the file to import and drag it into an open Vectorworks file.

When the DXF/DWG (or DWF) Import Options dialog box opens, specify how to import units and references, as described in DXF/DWG and DWF import options. To specify more advanced options, such as filtering and selecting layers and objects to import, or mapping for the layers being imported, and so on, click Advanced and set the options as desired. Click OK to complete the import.

A progress bar displays, along with the number of objects processed and free memory available.

If the file being imported has one or more complex hatches with multiple boundaries, the import may have performance problems. An alert displays to allow you to choose how to process the hatches. Select an option and click Continue. If you select the option to convert hatches to groups of lines, solid type hatches will be skipped rather than imported.

For batch imports, no alert displays; the last option you selected from this dialog box for single file import is used by default.

The Location pane of the advanced import options has a default setting, which provides the best chance of locating the imported data close to the internal origin, while keeping subsequent imports aligned: Center first import, align all subsequent imports. If the file being imported contains objects located far from the internal origin, and this option is deselected in the import options, an alert opens to warn you of potential issues.

Select Yes to switch to the option to Center first import, align all subsequent imports. Select No to continue the import with the option that is selected on the Location tab.

A results dialog box opens to notify you whether the import succeeded or failed.

Click Details to open the results log file. The log text file, named DXF_DWG_DWF Import Log, is placed in the specified destination folder if it exists, or in the Vectorworks application folder. New log information is appended to any existing log file. The report provides a summary of the import, including the import settings that were used, and a list of which files succeeded, and which failed.

Importing DXF/DWG and DWF files

DXF/DWG and DWF file import


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