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The Hardware pane of the Door Settings dialog box allows you to select items from the door hardware library to attach to door objects. The library includes information about each hardware set, which appears in the door hardware legend (see Creating door schedules). The library also includes a symbol to represent the hardware in 3D views of the door.

Use the Manage Hardware option in the Door Settings to customize the default content hardware library as needed, for yourself or for a workgroup.

To manage door hardware sets:

Click the tool and then click Preferences.

Alternatively, select an existing door object, and click Settings in the Object Info palette.

The Door Settings dialog box opens.

On the Hardware pane, select Include hardware.

Click Manage Hardware.

The Door Hardware Library dialog box opens.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Door hardware list

Lists descriptions of all defined hardware sets


Creates a new hardware set


Removes the selected hardware set from the library. When prompted, confirm the deletion. Existing instances of the hardware set in the drawing are not modified.


Edits the selected hardware set

Click Add, or select a set and click Edit to open the Add or Edit Door Hardware Set dialog box.

A Description and Hdw Set ID are required for each set; other parameters are optional.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Enter a description of the hardware set

Hdw Set ID

Enter a unique ID for the set

Hinge Qty

Enter the number of hinges

Hinge Type

Enter the hinge type

Lockset Type

Enter the lockset type

Closer Type

Enter the closer type

Stop Type

Enter the stop type

Key Code

Enter the key code


Enter notes about the door operator device


Select a symbol from the default content to use in 3D views of the door

The edited library file is saved to your user folder. To use the library in a workgroup environment, move the file to a shared workgroup location; the folder structure must be the same as that of the default content library.

[User]\Libraries\Defaults\Door - Hardware\Door Hardware Library.txt

[Workgroup]\Libraries\Defaults\Door - Hardware\Door Hardware Library.txt

Sharing custom content using workgroup folders

Door settings: Hardware pane

Creating door schedules


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