Design SuiteReshaping slabs

Editing the boundary of an auto-bound slab by reshaping it converts it to manual mode, disassociating it from any walls so that no walls are moved by the reshaping operation.

  To reshape the entire slab:

Click the Reshape tool from the Basic palette.

Alternatively, double-click on the slab to open the Edit Slab dialog box, and click Reshape to activate the Reshape tool. You can also right-click on the slab and select Edit Boundary from the context menu, where you can reshape the slab boundary with the Reshape tool and resize it with the Selection tool.

Click one of the modes on the Tool bar.

See Reshaping objects.

The datum component is selected for reshaping; any editing applies to the entire slab.


If you were in editing mode, click Exit Boundary to return to the drawing.

Editing slab geometry


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