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Bridle parameters can be viewed and edited from the Object Info palette. The available leg length parameters depend on the bridle type.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Displays the bridle type




Enter a name for the bridle object, for identification and reporting purposes


Enter a unique ID for the bridle object, for use in reports


Specify the location of the bridle object, for use in reports


Displays the total weight of the bridle


Enter the time needed for bridle assembly


Enter the cost of bridle assembly



Allowable Force Leg __

Enter the maximum force that the bridle leg can support; this value automatically updates if the leg parts are changed

Force Leg __

Displays the force applied to the bridle leg (Braceworks required for calculated value)

Designed Length

Displays the bridle dimensions based on the object insertion points

Apex Height

Displays the height of the apex point, where all bridle legs meet. If a new value is entered, the bridle object is updated.

Down Leg Length

Displays the down leg length, measured from the apex point to the bottom of the leg. If a new value is entered, the bridle object is updated.

Replace Down Leg with Hoist

Opens the Select Hoist dialog box, to replace the down leg with a hoist symbol. Select the symbol to insert.

Trim Leg __

Displays the Z height of the bottom of the bridle leg. If a new value is entered, the bridle object is updated.

Length Leg __

Displays the length of the bridle leg

Angle Leg __

Displays the angle of the bridle leg

Parts Length

Displays the parameters of the bridle based on the assigned parts

Show Parts Length

Draws the bridle legs with the specified parts; the parts length may differ from the original design, depending on the available parts

Simple 3D Parts

Draws a simple 3D representation of the bridle

Delta from Parts Length

Displays the offset between the Designed Length and the actual Parts Length

Parts Length Leg __

Displays the length of the bridle leg as built from the specified parts

Assign Parts automatically

Configures the bridle automatically from the best available parts. The list of available parts can be edited when Managing bridle parts.

Bridle Configuration

Opens the Bridle Configuration dialog box, to assign bridle parts manually; see Adjusting the bridle configuration

Reference Point


Reference Point

Select the drawing origin to use as a location reference, or use a hoist origin as the reference


Displays the X and Y coordinates of the bridle object relative to the selected origin



Use default coloring

Uses default coloring for the bridle connection points. Otherwise, set the color from the Attributes palette; see The Attributes palette.


Opens the Classes dialog box, to specify class naming for the various portions of the bridle object. This allows the bridle legs, leg label, and connection marker to be set to visible, grayed, or invisible.

Use the standard class, select a class from the list of classes present in the drawing, or create a new class.

Class Prefix: Specifies an optional default root class naming standard for all bridle parts; click Assign Default Classes With Prefix to begin all bridle class names with the prefix, so that they are sorted together.

Assign Default Classes With Prefix: Sets the class names for all bridle elements to the standard.

Bridle elements: For each portion of the bridle object, specifies the class name standard; the class names shown here are applied to the elements.

Inserting bridles

Adjusting the bridle configuration

Managing bridle parts

Bridle preferences


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