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An mtextur texture can be imported into Vectorworks (internet access required) as a texture, an image file, and/or a material resource. Many of the textures have the reflectivity, transparency, and bump shaders needed for a detailed texture; material properties include construction and physical data, and you can attach a record to add custom information. When additional information such as manufacturer name, and so on, is available in the mtextur resource, this information is included as a searchable tag in the Resource Manager for the imported texture, image file, and/or material resource.

Imported materials (Design Suite product required) and textures can be adjusted as needed (see Editing materials and Editing textures and shaders).

To import an mtextur texture as a texture, an image file, or a material resource:

Select the command.

An Import mtextur web browser opens.

Click Settings.

The Import mtextur Settings dialog box opens.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Import mtextur as

Select which kind of resources to import: textures, images, and/or materials.

When Materials is selected, Textures is also selected and grayed out.

Automatically close the “Import mtextur” dialog after download

Deselect to keep the web browser open after download to import additional resources

Select the settings and click OK.

Use the mtextur filters and search function to locate the resources for download.

For the selected mtextur resource, click CAD- & BIM-TEXTUR to download.

If Automatically close the “Import mtextur” dialog after download is deselected, click Close after you have selected all the resources needed.

The textures, images, and/or materials downloaded are available in the Resource Manager for the current file; the last resource downloaded is active. The resource name contains the mtextur ID, along with the source company and material name, space permitting. 


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