LandmarkCreating a custom landscape area tag

In addition to providing several predefined landscape area tags, Vectorworks Landmark allows you to create custom landscape area tags. Landscape areas can also use the data tag for labeling; see Adding data tags and labels.

From the General pane of the Landscape Area Settings dialog box, select Set Custom Tag from either the Tag Header or Tag Body fields.

The Set Custom Tag dialog box opens.

Select values from predefined landscape area values and plant record fields in the order they should be listed, and type the delimiter text to place between the fields. Select <New Line> to start the next tag item on a new line. A combination of up to six landscape area values, plant record fields, and line breaks can be used.

The Tag Appearance field displays a static text preview of the custom tag. To preview a long tag in its entirety, click-drag the bottom right corner of the dialog box to resize it.

Creating landscape areas


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