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Preformatted schedules are available to report landscape area information for your file. Initially, the landscape areas are listed in order of creation, but you can sort by landscape area name.

To create landscape area schedules:

Select the command.

The Create Report dialog box opens.

Select a schedule, and click the drawing area to place it. If you select the hydrozone or water budget schedule, the Hydrozone record format is also added.

Landscape Area-Mass Planting (with or without images) lists the area names and sizes, and the names, percentages, and spacing of each type of plant in the area

Landscape Area-Hydrozone Information lists general hydrozone information about each area

Landscape Area-Water Budget lists plant type, plant factor, maximum water allowance, and estimated water use for each area

If you selected the hydrozone or water budget schedule, attach hydrozone data to each landscape area.

Select a landscape area, and then from the Object Info palette, click the Data tab.

Click Attach Record. From the Resource Selector, double-click the Hydrozone record format to apply it. The fields for the record format display below the Detach button.

Enter the appropriate value for each field.

If you selected the hydrozone or water budget schedule, right-click the worksheet in the drawing, and select Recalculate from the context menu.

Creating landscape areas

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