Applying Renderworks styles

Renderworks styles are resources that are saved with the file and can be found in the Resource Manager. The Vectorworks program comes with several Renderworks styles that are provided in libraries (a selected style is automatically imported into the current file).

A Renderworks style can be deleted from a drawing and/or replaced with another existing Renderworks style; see Deleting or replacing resources.

To render a drawing with a Renderworks style:

Do one of the following:

Select View > Renderworks Style, and then the desired style from a library or the current file.

Drag a Renderworks Style resource from the Resource Manager into a design layer of the drawing.

Select a Renderworks style from the Render Mode menu on the View bar, as described in Rendering modes.

For viewports, select a Renderworks style from the Render list in the Create Viewport dialog box, or from the Object Info palette of an existing viewport.

The current Renderworks style in effect displays with a check mark on the Renderworks Style menu. The rendering speed depends on the rendering option selected and the number and complexity of objects in the file. To cancel a rendering before it is complete, press the Esc key.

The Render Bitmap tool and batch rendering functionality can also take advantage of Renderworks styles.

When a Renderworks background is set from the Renderworks style, the option to select a background may not be available when the style is in effect, such as for viewports. The Renderworks style’s background settings override the Renderworks background settings when Apply Renderworks Background is selected for the style. Similarly, when lighting options have been set from the Renderworks style, any attempt to edit lighting options automatically opens the Edit Renderworks Style dialog box, since these are the settings in effect when Apply Lighting Options is selected for the style.

Design SuiteUsing a heliodon with Renderworks styles

Try using a heliodon object in conjunction with Renderworks styles to get good rendering results from an existing file. The heliodon creates strong sunlight with soft-edged shadows, while the Renderworks style provides soft sky lighting from the panoramic image backgrounds.

To use a heliodon with Renderworks styles:

Open an existing model, and set the desired 3D view. (A Renderworks Camera object can help to set and adjust the 3D view.)

Use the Visualization palette to either delete or turn off existing lights in the drawing.

Select View > Rendering > Shaded Options, and select Use Shadows.

Select View > Rendering > Shaded.

From the Visualization tool set, click the Heliodon tool, and place a heliodon object in the drawing. From the Object Info palette, click Solar Animation to interactively adjust the date and time for the heliodon (see Solar studies). This is particularly effective with physical sky Renderworks backgrounds.

Select an appropriate Renderworks Style.

For exteriors, select either Realistic Exterior Fast or Realistic Exterior Final.

For interiors, select either Realistic Interior Fast or Realistic Interior Final.

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