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To create a roof style:

Select the command.

Click Roof Preferences from the Create Roof dialog box or Create Roof Face dialog box and define the roof’s components and attributes (see Roof preferences).

Click Save Preferences as Roof Style.

The Assign Name dialog box opens.

Enter a unique name for the roof style.

If the roof style name already exists, you are prompted to cancel and select a different name, or replace existing roofs with the roof style applied with the edited roof style. If you are replacing roof styles, the Roof Replacement dialog box opens; specify the roof replacement parameters.

The new roof style is saved with the file and is listed under Roof Styles in the Resource Manager as well as the Roof Style list in the Create Roof dialog box or Create Roof Face dialog box.

Alternatively, do one of the following to create a roof style:

Right-click on an unstyled roof and select New Roof Style from Unstyled Roof from the context menu.

From the Resource Manager, click New Resource, select Roof Style, and then click Create.

Using roof styles

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