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To edit roof attributes:

Click Edit Roof Attributes on the Definition tab of the Roof Preferences dialog box to define the roof attributes in Top/Plan view.

The Roof Attributes dialog box opens.

The roof attributes of an unstyled roof are initially set to the parameters displayed in The Attributes palette. The opacity and drop shadow attributes are always set from the Attributes palette. If fill and pen are changed in the Roof Attributes dialog box, the Attributes palette reflects the changed attributes of the selected roof (after exiting the Roof Preferences dialog box).

Fill and pen attributes can be set by class rather than by the attributes in the Roof Attributes dialog box. If the roof class is changed later, the roof changes to use the attributes of the new class. Roof fill and pen attributes cannot be overridden on a per-instance basis; if a roof style uses class attributes, all roofs of that style must use class attributes. However, roofs of the same roof style can be placed in different classes.

The Auto-display detail levels for design layers preference can be used to show or hide roof components based on scale; see Hiding roof components.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Specify the roof fill attributes. Select a fill style, or Class Style to set the fill attributes by class. Depending on the Style selected, select a fill color, pattern, or resource (hatch, image, gradient, tile) for the roof.


Specify the roof pen attributes. Select a pen style, or Class Style to set pen attributes by class. Depending on the Style selected, select a color, pattern, or line type resource for the roof.


Select the line thickness; to use a custom thickness, select Set Thickness from the line thickness list (see Line thickness attributes)

Make All Attributes By Class

Sets all fill and pen attributes by class

Remove By Class Settings

Removes all class settings for fill and pen attributes

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