Solid object interactions

Four commands manage the interactions among two or more solid objects to create a new object: Add solids, Subtract solids, Intersect solids, and Section solids. Equivalent commands can be used for Editing 2D object surfaces.

Add Solids joins two or more solids into a single 3D object. Subtract Solids cuts (subtracts) one or more 3D objects from another 3D object, creating a new solid object. Intersect Solids creates a single solid object from the volume created where two or more 3D objects intersect. Section Solids discards a portion of solids or NURBS surfaces, allowing the creation of planar or stepped sections through a solid object or surface.

These commands work with the following solid objects: extrudes, multiple extrudes, straight walls, sweeps, meshes, subdivisions, solid primitives (cylinders, hemispheres, spheres, and cones), and objects created using the 3D Polygon tool, provided the following applicable conditions are met.




Cannot contain lines, or be swept around a locus which is between the left and right bounds of the swept 2D primitive; if not swept around a locus, should have a vertical segment on the left edge

Helical Sweep

Must be swept around a locus outside the left and right bounds of the object

Multiple Extrude

Must have planar polygons


Cannot have interpenetrating polygons; every edge of every polygon in the mesh must be shared with one other polygon


Must not have symbols that extend above the top or below the bottom of the wall

2D objects must have a fill applied prior to being converted to 3D to be considered a solid object. If the converted 3D object did not have a fill applied prior to conversion, it can be added using the Edit Group command to return to the original 2D object.

When a single solid object is created from several solids, including sections, sweeps, and so on, each of the solids that make up the object can be edited independently. To edit the “nested” solids within a solid object, select Modify > Edit Solid or double-click to enter Object editing mode.

Add solids

Intersect solids

Subtract solids

Section solids

Editing solid object history

Editing 2D object surfaces


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