Twisting the faces of a solid



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Twist Face


3D Modeling


To twist the faces of a solid:

Click the tool and mode. A protractor feedback graphic displays around the cursor.

As you move the protractor over 3D objects, the faces to be twisted are highlighted. Position the protractor on the appropriate face, and click at the center point of the twist.

The protractor is oriented according to the face normal. Twist Face mode twists the selected face and all adjacent and tangent faces as indicated by the highlight.

The protractor graphic remains at the click point, and the twist axis line appears. As you move the cursor, the protractor rotates, and the twist reference line appears and previews the starting point for the twist. Click to place the reference line.

As you move the cursor, the twist angle line tracks the cursor, and a preview of the twisted object displays.

Click to complete the operation. The result is a generic solid object.


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