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Create Grade Limits from Planar Pad

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Because grade limits are often associated with a planar pad or other type of site modifier, the Vectorworks Landmark and Architect products can create grade limits automatically around a site modifier, based on specific parameters. Grade limits can be created with a gradual sloping transition from the existing site contours to the modifier, placed at a variable or fixed distance from the modifier. The grade limits cut and fill the site model to create a constant slope (batter slope).

To create grade limits automatically around one or more site modifiers:

Select the site modifiers which require the grade limits. Valid modifiers include planar pads, road objects, massing models, and landscape walls.

Select the command.

The Create Grade Limits from Planar Pad dialog box opens. Select the grade limit parameters.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Grade Limits Offset Control



Creates the grade limits at a fixed offset distance

Batter Slope

Creates variable offset grade limits based on slope (the slope variation determines the offset; the grade limits are located at the intersection of the slope and the existing terrain)

Max. Offset

Sets the fixed offset distance for Distance offset control, or specifies the maximum offset distance allowed for Batter Slope offset control

Slope Definition

For Batter Slope offset control, select the method of specifying the slope value:

Angular: specifies the slope in degrees, radians, or gradians (example: 26.7°)

Rise-over-run: specifies the slope as a ratio of vertical change to horizontal change (example: 1:3)

Percent: specifies the slope as a grade percentage (example: 50%)

Max. Slope

For Batter Slope offset control, specifies the maximum allowable slope (in the selected units)

Slope Control Options


Use Midpoints

Enables additional testing points for a more uniform slope

Test Increment

Specifies the number of midpoints to test; a smaller increment distance increases the accuracy of the slope calculations, but can also increase the time to create the grade limits (the minimum increment is 12”)

To reflect the grade limit modification, select the site model and click Update from the Object Info palette.

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