Creating a planar pad from grade limits


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Create Planar Pad from Grade Limits

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With Vectorworks Landmark and Architect, a planar pad modifier can automatically be created within defined grade limits. The pad is placed so that the cut and fill amounts of the underlying proposed site model are set equally, helping site designers start with a balanced solution. Batter slope angles can be different on the different sides of the modifier.

Certain restrictions apply when creating the planar pad:

The polygon that defines the grade limit area must be closed. If more than one grade limit area is selected, all the grade limit polygons must be closed. (To close the polygon, select the grade limit and then select Closed from the Object Info palette.)

If more than one grade limit is selected, the created pads must have a uniform batter slope. To set the batter slopes individually, select only one grade limit object at a time.

The grade limit area must be fully enclosed within a site model.

The specified batter slope or slopes cannot be too small to create the pad; slope values that are too low prevent balanced cut and fill.

To create a planar pad automatically from the grade limits:

Select one or more grade limit objects.

Select the command.

The Create Planar Pad from Grade Limits dialog box opens, and if necessary, the view temporarily changes to optimally display the area. Specify a uniform batter slope for the entire pad, or scroll with the Prev and Next buttons to set the slope individually for each side of the pad. The slope values must be greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Applies the batter slope value equally to all sides of the pad

Per side

Sets a slope value for the selected side of the pad

Select a side

Scrolls through each side of the pad; enter an individual slope value for each selected side

Data display method

Select the method of specifying the slope value:

Angular: specifies the slope in degrees, radians, or gradians (example: 26.7°)

Rise-over-run: specifies the slope as a ratio of vertical change to horizontal change (example: 1:3)

Percent: specifies the slope as a grade percentage (example: 50%)

The resulting planar pad modifier is created and selected.

Individual slope values are retained for each grade limit object. The values can be reused for the creation of a new planar pad by selecting the grade limit object, and then selecting Create Planar Pad from Grade Limits again.


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