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An open edge line modifier is an open 3D polygon which modifies the site model, and represents an open line at a constant elevation. The modifier can be applied to the existing or proposed site model. Draw the line with the Site Modifiers tool, or draw a polyline and then select the Create Objects from Shapes command to change it to a line object (see Creating objects from shapes).

The recommended method of creating and editing contours is by Editing site model contours.

To create an open edge line modifier:

Click the tool and mode. Specify the elevation from the Tool bar if desired.

Draw the open edge line object.


The parameters can be edited from the Object Info palette.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Simplification Tolerance

Enter a positive value to redefine the horizontal distance between the closest parts of two neighboring portions of the modifier. A longer distance simplifies the modifier polygon, reducing the number of source points that modify the site model. A shorter distance increases the number of source points that modify the site model. A value of 0 (zero) does not simplify the modifier.

Modifier Vertex Count

Displays the number of vertices created by the site modifier to modify the site model

Apply To

Specifies whether the site modifier applies to the existing or proposed site model

Update Site Model

Updates the site model with any site model modifications that have occurred.

If the update causes the site model contours to fall outside the minimum/maximum elevation range specified in the site model settings, an alert displays, allowing the range to be adjusted.


Indicates the type of modifier object

Open Edge Line



Sets the reference elevation of the line at its control point; if a Z-height is also specified, the resulting elevation is additive

Slope Definition


Sets a slope similar to a planar pad; see Creating a planar pad or pad with retaining edge


Displays site model data

Update Calculations

Updates the area and volume calculations displayed in the Object Info palette for the area of the site model located under the site modifier

Site model area and volume data

Displays the area and volume information for the site model area located under the site modifier; select the units for the area and volume. For more information, see Site model properties.

Vertex parameters

Edits the path vertices; see Editing vertex-based objects

Normally, create grade limits around the open edge line.

To reflect the modification, click Update Site Model from the Object Info palette.


Open edge line modifier with grade limits

Creating a planar pad or pad with retaining edge

Updating a site model

Concept: Site model modification


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