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The site model can be cropped by a custom site border shape. This allows you to limit the area of the site model, without permanently excluding the original extents of the source data. The original site model can easily be restored by editing the site model crop object.

To crop a site model:

Select the command to enter object editing mode with a site border object selected (see Object editing mode).

Alternatively, click Edit Crop from the Object Info palette.

Move the site border, or use the Reshape tool to reshape (edit) the site border object; see Reshaping objects. The site border object can also be deleted and a new site border object can be created from any closed 2D shape.

To remove the cropping from a site model, delete the site border object. This restores the site model to its original bounds.


When the site border is ready, exit object editing mode to return to the drawing.

The site border crops the site model object.

With the Draw Site Border option selected in the site model settings, the site border displays in Top/Plan view. Adjust the color of the site border in the graphic properties of the site model settings.

Site model properties

Reshaping the site model border

Editing site model contours


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