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Stake Object from 3D Locus

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In the Vectorworks Landmark product, 3D loci can be converted to stake objects, which can then be used to modify a site model. This is useful when survey data, in the form of 3D loci, need to modify an existing or proposed site model.

To create stake objects from 3D loci:

Select the 3D loci.

Select the command.

The Convert to Stake Object dialog box opens. Set the properties for new stakes.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Select the type of stake object to create.

Include as site model data: Uses the stake as site model data if it is located in the source data layer (select when using stakes to create a site model).

Set elev to site model: Sets the stake elevation to the existing site model elevation.

Use as 2D/3D graphic only: Uses the stake as a drawing element that does not interact with the site model.

Site modifier object: Treats the stake object as a site modifier, which has an effect on the selected site model.

Site Model

Select the site model that the stakes affect


Selects the graphic style of the stake object


Label Reference

Selects the type of information to display in the label; select No Label to display no text. The available label fields depend on the label reference selected.


ID Prefix

For ID type labels, enter a prefix to display with the ID

Auto ID Numbering

Automatically increments the ID number parameter when inserting new stake objects

(Initial) ID Number

For ID type labels, specify the ID number. When Auto ID Numbering is selected, the ID Number field changes to Initial ID Number, and ID numbers are automatically incremented beginning with the initial number specified. When Auto ID Numbering is not selected, specify the default ID Number for stake objects.


For description type labels, enter description text

Station Point Data

For Stationing Data labels, indicates the station point data for the selected stake object

Coordinate Units

Coordinate point type labels show the stake’s distance from a point of origin (user origin). This field specifies the units (document units, feet, or meters) to use for the coordinates.

Display Leader Line

Adds a leader line from the label to the stake object (adjust the leader line position by moving the leader line control point)

Scale Factor

Determines the size of the label display

Delete Source Loci

Deletes the original loci that were converted

If the stake objects are site modifiers, update the site model to apply the changes (select the site model and click Update from the Object Info palette).

See Inserting stake objects for additional stake object parameters that can be edited from the Object Info palette.

Inserting stake objects

Updating a site model


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