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If a solid model has been used to develop a massing study, information can be extracted from the model to begin work on the floorplans. Specifically, gross area polylines can be created automatically for each building level directly from the solid model with the Model to Floorplan command. A stacking diagram can display the sum of the areas of these polylines, which makes it easy to determine the amount of floor area provided by a solid model before creating the floorplans. In addition, exterior walls can be created automatically. If the model changes after the polylines and walls are created, run the Model to Floorplan command again to update the polylines and walls.

To create a floorplan from a model:

Select the model. The solid model should be a CSG solid (addition, subtraction, union), solid primitive (sphere, hemisphere, cone, cylinder), extrude, or multiple extrude.

This command cannot be used in Top/Plan view. Select the model from a 3D view.

Select the command.

The Model to Floorplan dialog box opens. Specify the layers to include and set the type of floorplan elements to create.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Layer list

Lists the layers with heights that intersect the solid. Select the design layer to include in the floorplan, and deselect layers, such as sheet layers or site model layers, which should not be included in the floorplan. A selected layer displays with a check mark.

Create Gross Area Polylines

For each selected layer, creates a polyline from the exterior perimeter of the model

Create Stacking Diagram

(Architect required)

Creates a stacking diagram showing the available area on each layer (see Creating a stacking diagram)

Create walls

Creates walls based on the model perimeter


Creates exterior walls based on the model perimeter, along the inside, outside, or center of the perimeter

Wall Style

Specify a wall style to use for the exterior walls from a library or the current file

If selected, polylines, walls, and a stacking diagram are placed on the drawing. To update the floorplan objects based on model changes, select the Model to Floorplan command again.


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