Modifying special shortcuts

You can modify the keyboard shortcuts for switching between modes on the Tool bar, for activating snapping functionality, and other special features.

To modify special shortcuts:

Access the Workspace Editor dialog box as described in Customizing workspaces.

Click the Keys tab to display the keyboard shortcuts for the workspace currently in use, and modify the assigned shortcut keys.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Mode Groups

Sets the shortcut keys to switch modes for the active tool; the key in 1 controls the first mode group, the key in 2 controls the second mode group, and so on

Other Keys

Sets the keyboard shortcuts for the functions below

Toggle SmartCursor Cues

Press this key to toggle on and off the SmartCursor cue display

Toggle Angles Relative To Prior Segment

Press this key to toggle whether angle snaps are set relative to the axes or to the previously drawn segment

Set Datum

Press this key to create a datum point for snapping at the current cursor location

Snap Loupe

Press this key to open the Snap Loupe window

Set Smart Point, Edge, or Vector Snap Lock

Press this key to set a smart point, smart edge, or vector snap lock at the current location

Toggle Automatic Working Plane

Press this key to toggle on and off the automatic working plane functionality; see Using working planes

Suspend Snapping

Press and hold this key to disable snapping temporarily

X-ray Select Mode

Press and hold this key to see and select objects that are normally obscured behind 2D object fills or 3D rendered objects; see X-ray Select mode

Coincident Selection

If the cursor is over multiple objects at the current location, press and hold this key and click to open a dialog box from which you can select one or more of the objects; see Coincident object selection

Close Polygon, Polyline, Wall Network or Path Objects

After completing all but the final click, press the keyboard shortcut to automatically close polygon, polyline, polygonal wall network, or path-based objects

Toggle Multiple View Panes

Press this key to toggle on and off the display of multiple view panes

Trigger Smart Options Display

If desired, assign a shortcut to toggle on and off Smart Options Display in the drawing area; Use Smart Options Display must be selected on the Smart Options Display pane of the Vectorworks Preferences dialog box

Launch Quick Search

Press this key to open the quick search window

Repeat Last Command

Press this key to use the most recent command

Snapping Keys

If desired, assign keyboard shortcuts to toggle each snapping tool. 

Double-tap the snapping shortcut key (for snapping tools that have an arrow in the lower-right corner) to open a popover with settings for that snapping type.

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