Customizing detail levels for 2D and 3D components of symbol definitions and plug-in objects

2D and 3D components of symbol definitions and plug-in objects can be customized to display different levels of detail for different scale viewports. Once the components’ detail levels are established, set each viewport to display the desired Detail Level when creating the viewport, or from the Object Info palette.

Customized 2D components are considered user-provided components. For plug-in objects, these components do not update automatically when the plug-in object is edited; if the plug-in object changes, manually update the custom 2D components to match the changes, or see Deleting user-provided 2D components of plug-in objects.

3D components of symbol definitions can also display at different detail levels on a design layer. Vectorworks can automatically display the desired detail level based on the design layer’s scale; see Document preferences: Display tab.

To set component detail levels:

If not already in object editing mode, right-click on the resource in the Resource Manager or on the object instance in the drawing, and select Edit 2D Components or Edit 3D Component (for symbols only) from the context menu (see Creating 2D components for symbol definitions and plug-in objects).

From the Component Edit palette, select the view to Edit.

Select the component in the drawing area.

If the component is grouped, right-click on the component and select Edit from the context menu to edit individual parts of the group and select which details display in the low, medium, and high detail views.

Select one or more drawing objects that compose the component, and click in the Object Info palette to set the Display at Detail Level to Low, Medium, and High for each selection. Each drawing object must display in at least one detail level. Change the Show Detail selection in the Component Edit palette as needed to preview the changes.




Set detail levels for multiple components as needed.

You may prefer to create and detail only one component for which there is a mirror, and see Additional plug-in object style and instance options for how to mirror opposite view graphics for empty 2D components. If both mirrored components do exist, both must be detailed to display the same way.

Select the appropriate Detail Level for each viewport, when creating the viewport or in the Object Info palette.

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