Selecting catalog items for plug-in object styles

Plug-in object styles for some object types can be based on items from manufacturers’ catalogs. The catalog item can be specified when Creating plug-in object styles or, if the catalog parameter is set By Instance, when editing an instance of the styled plug-in object.

See Concept: Plug-in object styles and catalog items for a description of the interaction between plug-in object styles and plug-in object catalog items.

To select a plug-in object catalog item:

Do one of the following:

PIO_SelectFromCatalog.png Open the <Object> Style dialog box or Plug-in Style/Instance Settings dialog box (if setting the plug-in object style) and click Select from Catalog.

 Open the object’s Settings/Preferences/Properties dialog box (if the catalog item is set by instance) and click Select from Catalog.

From the Object Info palette (if the catalog item is set by instance), click Select from Catalog.

By default, the catalog item is set by style, and the catalog item can be selected only from the <Object> Style dialog box or Plug-in Object Style dialog box.

The Catalog dialog box opens, and displays the name of the current catalog in the title bar.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Custom Catalog Item

Creates a custom item to add to the catalog item list

Edit Custom Item

Opens the Catalog Item Edit dialog box for Managing plug-in object style catalogs; parameter settings added by clicking here are used by the plug-in object for this file but are not saved to the catalog

Select from Catalog

Activates the list of items available in the current catalog for selection

Catalog identifiers

The names and numbers of catalog identifier fields vary according to the currently selected catalog. The first field generally indicates the broadest level of category for the catalog, such as manufacturer and series, followed by more specific identifiers, such as product line. Select a different option from the lists if needed.

Use Filter

Filters the displayed list according to the selections made in Filter 


Opens the Catalog Filter dialog box, to restrict the displayed catalog list to specific criteria.

Show Catalog Items From: Restricts catalog item display to only the default product manufacturer items from the application folder, only the custom items from the user folder, or all of the catalog items.

Filter the list by: Select the available catalog parameters for each row of choices, and then select the comparison operator and the value. The “like” operator, for text, can use the * symbol to represent any set of characters, and the ? to represent any single character.

Specify additional options, adding a new row of filter choices by clicking More Choices. To remove the most recently added row, click Fewer Choices.

Catalog item list

Displays the list of catalog items that match the catalog identifiers and the filter, if used; click an item to select it


Opens the Catalog Item Edit dialog box for Managing plug-in object style catalogs; items added or edited here are added to the catalog file in the user folder


Deletes the currently selected row; default manufacturer’s catalog entries cannot be deleted


Dynamically displays previews of the item selected

Select the catalog item to use for the plug-in object style.

A static text string next to Select from Catalog describes the catalog item associated with the object.



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