Design SuiteCreating a custom window opening configuration

A custom window opening configuration can be created for use in the Window Settings or Window Preferences dialog box. 

To create a custom window sash opening:

From the General pane of the Window Settings dialog box, select the Custom Configuration and click Custom Configuration Options.

The Custom Configuration Options dialog box opens for selecting and specifying the sash opening parameters. As parameters are defined, the preview dynamically displays the configuration operations of the sashes filling the opening.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Number of Rows/Columns

Specify the number of rows and columns in the sash opening (the total number of sashes cannot exceed 64)

Overall Width/Height

Displays the overall width and height of the custom sashes

Mullion Width/Depth

Displays the mullion width and depth

Selected Sash

The currently active sash displays in red to indicate that it is selected


For the active sash, specify the desired Width and Height


For the active sash, select the sash type


For Configurations that provide options, select the advanced operation. With the Sliding Configuration, "O" represents a fixed sash and "X" represents an operating sash.

Replace glazing with louvers

Replaces the glazing in the selected sash with louvers

Include muntins

Includes muntins for each sash

Lock sash configuration

Locks the sash dimensions and operation

Unequal sash

Creates a double hung window with an unequal sash height; enter the desired scale factor for the top sash.

This is automatically selected for the Picture Window Slider Operation to differentiate it from a Slider Configuration with an XOX operation. Enter the desired scale factor for the sashes. The sash scale factor applies to both the left and right sliders.

<< or >>

Click << or >> to move backward or forward to activate sashes for dimension and operation specification

The Window Settings dialog box preview is updated with the customization results.

Window settings: General pane

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