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Export Worksheet

File (worksheet menu)

File > Export

Vectorworks worksheet files can be exported and read by spreadsheet programs, as well as by some word processing programs. Because these programs have different format requirements, several export formats are available. For example, a tab delimited text file can be opened as a table in Microsoft Word. The following formats are available:

Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

Tab delimited text (.txt)

Comma delimited text (.csv)

DIF (.dif)

SYLK (.slk)

When exporting to Excel, as much as possible, formatting, images, and formulas are preserved. An alert displays when exact translation isn’t possible. Database header rows will have light gray fill, similar to the way they look in the worksheet window. You can export multiple worksheets to Excel format simultaneously with the Publish command; see Batch publishing.

To export a worksheet from a Vectorworks file:

Do one of the following:

Select the command from the File > Export menu.

Open the worksheet to export, and select the command from the worksheet’s File menu.

The Export Worksheet dialog box opens.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Specifies the worksheet to export; if the command was executed from the worksheet menu, that worksheet name displays and cannot be edited


Specifies the export format

Export Range

If the command was executed from the worksheet menu, specifies whether to export all rows or only the selected rows; otherwise, all rows will be exported

Recalculate worksheet prior to exporting

Recalculates the worksheet before export

Open file in the default viewer

Automatically opens the exported file in the default viewer application, if available

Specify the name and location of the exported worksheet.


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