Editing object data

Use the Data tab on the Object Info palette to edit the record formats and data attached to specific drawing objects.

When one or more objects are selected, this information applies to the selected objects only.

If no objects are selected, "Document Record Format Defaults" displays at the top of the Data tab. Edits to the fields change the default values displayed when the record is first attached to a drawing object. No existing objects are affected.

To edit object data:

Select one or more objects.

Select the Data tab from the Object Info palette.

Do one of the following:

Data sheets (Vectorworks Design Suite product required) allow you to enter a specific set of data without seeing all the fields attached to an object. If there are sheets defined for the objects, you can select a Data Sheet and use the sheet’s fields for data entry. If the sheet was set up with field validation, an invalid entry causes the field name and value to display in red, but the entry is still accepted.

Select <Default Settings> to access all available data for the selected objects, as described below. (<Default Settings> is the default if no data sheets are defined.) Record formats are listed above any attached IFC data. If necessary, resize the record format and record field lists by dragging the resize control below the Detach button.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Record Formats

Displays all the record formats that are attached to the selected object. If more than one object is selected, only the records attached to all objects display. Click a record format to display its associated fields.

If the record format is linked to an external database, the names of the associated table and database display. If you’re using a database and the database connection is set to be Read Only, the fields are not editable; edit the database directly.

When Show IFC Data is enabled, IFC data (a special category of record format) displays below the record formats when the selected object contains IFC information (Vectorworks Design Suite product required).

Attach IFC

(Design Suite product required)

When Show IFC Data is enabled, opens the Select IFC Object dialog box; see Assigning IFC data to objects

Attach Record

Opens the Resource Selector to select a record format; double-click a format to apply it


Detaches the selected record format; confirm that you want to detach the record from the selected object

Record Fields

Record fields associated with the selected record format display below the Detach button. Enter data as appropriate for the selected object.

If data was mapped to the record field in the Data Manager, one of the following buttons displays to the right of the field.

by_mapping_icon.png : The mapping cannot be edited by default; click the button to make the field editable.

by_instance_icon.png : The mapping can be edited.

To restore the mapped value after editing, click the button again.

Record Format Database Connection

(Design Suite and database connection required)

Opens the Edit Record Format dialog box to specify the database, table, and table columns that contain the data for the selected object (see Record format database connection)

Object Database Connection

(Design Suite and database connection required)

Opens the Object Database Connection dialog box to specify the database table row associated with the selected object (see Object database connection)

Creating record formats

Attaching record formats to symbols, objects, and materials

Editing record formats

Assigning IFC data to objects

Using the Data Manager

Database connection


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