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This pane specifies whether to display inventory-related items in the Object Info palette for certain Spotlight objects. If you are not setting up inventories with the Inventory and Equipment List command, you can hide these items.

To set preferences for equipment and inventory lists:

Select the command.

The Spotlight Preferences dialog box opens. Click the Inventory pane.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Plugin Name

Lists all items, and then lists individual Spotlight objects. You can quickly change the setting for all of the items by making selections in the <All Plugins> row. Otherwise, select one or more rows for objects where you wish to make changes.

Show Inherited Parts

Shows the subparts of the object. For example, the Object Info palette of a video camera shows the camera body and the lens subparts.

Show Virtual Parts

Shows the virtual parts associated with the object. For example, a lighting device may have a safety cable assigned to it; this part is included in the inventory, but does not display in the drawing.

Show Assign Sources

Allows you to assign the object to an inventory source; see Assigning equipment to an inventory

Concept: Inventory and equipment lists

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