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The Edit Data Visualization command edits the visualization currently applied to the design layer or viewport. To edit other visualizations, select the Manage Data Visualizations command instead.

The Data Visualization menu is only available from the View bar when a design layer is the active layer.

Any edits apply to not only the design layer, but to any viewports (and legends), as well as other files that use the same visualization.

To edit the current data visualization:

Select the command.

The Edit Data Visualization dialog box opens.

Edit the visualization parameters as described in Creating a new data visualization.

You cannot create a new visualization by changing its name; this simply renames it. Instead, create a duplicate of the visualization with a different name and edit it; see Managing data visualizations.

Edits apply globally to the drawing and to any viewports with the visualization applied.

If a visualization in a user folder or workgroup folder is edited from another file or another computer, an alert notifies you that the visualization will be updated.

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