DesignSeries00130.pngCreating a Parts List 

The information associated with the detail bubbles can be included in a worksheet that automatically generates a parts list.

To create a parts list:

  1. Once the detail bubble record information has been completed, select the Create Parts List command from the appropriate menu:

  2.     Architect workspace: AEC > Machine Design > Create Parts List 

        Landmark workspace: Landmark > Machine Design > Create Parts List 

        Spotlight workspace: Spotlight > Machine Design > Create Parts List 

  3. With the bull’s-eye cursor, click in the drawing to place a Parts List worksheet.

  4. Alternatively, from the Resource Browser, select Vectorworks Libraries from the Files list, and open the Defaults\Sheet Border - Title Blocks folder. Open the appropriate title blocks file, and then drag the appropriate parts list worksheet object from the Resource Browser to place the worksheet graphic object in the drawing.

    The Parts List-1 worksheet object is formatted to fit the ASME title blocks for ASME A, B, and C and ISO A2, A3, A4, and A5 drawing sizes. The Parts List-2 worksheet object is formatted to fit the ASME title blocks for ASME D, E, and F, and ISO A0 and A1 drawing sizes.

  5. Double-click the worksheet, or select Window > Worksheets > Parts List to open the worksheet. From the Worksheet menu, select Recalculate. The record information from the detail bubbles automatically fills the worksheet, and all calculations are performed. For more information on worksheets, see Using Worksheets.

  6. Close the worksheet. The worksheet graphic object on the drawing reflects the changes.

  7. Reopen the worksheet and select Recalculate from the Worksheet menu to update the worksheet when any changes are made to the record information.


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